Лаборатория интегративных исследований

S. Blank New- York city, USA

A Kirlian filming session on Long Island, New York on June 26, 2017

at 8.55 a.m. (Impressions of Observer-Investigator)

S. Blank

New- York city, USA


         We, a group of three people, (Egor Tsygankov, Sofiya Blank, Academician Alexander Trofimov) participated in a large-scale experiment run by Academician Alexander Vasiliyvich Trofimov - the Director of the Novosibirsk Scientific Research Institute of Space Anthropoecology.   This is our report and our testimony.

          We met Alexander Triofimov at seven o'clock in the morning at the JFK Airport and at 8:45 a.m. we got to the place of the planned experiment.  The weather is beautiful. clear blue sky. We arrived at the entrance of a well-groomed area, adjacent to the laboratory room and the foundation on which the Tesla Tower used to stand.  We were a few meters away from a small, elegant, dark metal monument to Nicola Tesla. The territory and the monument were fenced.

         The shooting started at 8:55 a.m. using Kirlian device by V. Mikirtumov, which was using the film "Fuji-3000".

         Kirlian image N: I Reflects the initial state of the auras of the three participants 5 min. before the beginning of the experiment.

         Image I. - Initially, two impulses. On the upper right is the aura of A. Trofimov. The contour of the aura is narrow, inside, there is an image of a face resembling the face of A. Popov, inventor of the radio.

         Image II. One pulse.  A. Trofimov's aura expanded, inside there is a contour of a face, resembling the face of Nicola Tesla. Around it contours of many faces can be traced.

         Image III. Sofia's aura of medium width without any special features.

         Image IV. Egor's narrow aura, (he is an electrical engineer, an admirer of Nicola Tesla). Previously, he had been in telepathic contact with N.Tesla more than once. It needs to be noted that Egor drove us from the airport - the route is long and unfamiliar to him.  The excitement and tension resulted in his aura being sublte. Inside the aura is a face of a child. In the space between the four images are fragments the general outline of which somewhat resemble A. Einstein's face.

         Kirlianography 2.

         The experiment started at 9:00 a.m.  The participants of the experiment started mentally recreate the Tesla tower, which was demolished in 1917. The Kirlian images were made at 9:15 a.m. It is known that under the tower there is a 32-meter tunnel. The silhouette of the tower is wedged into the aura of the participants through the entire picture, indicating the projection of the tunnel at the bottom of the picture in the middle of it. The tower appeared in a light brown tone. Usually the images are black and white. Tower wedged in all four images. This suggests that it was reflected in the picture at the moment when image I was made and occupied most of the space of the picture. Usually shooting on one film includes four images.

Reminder: Kirlian photos N: I were shot at 8:55 a.m., when the experiment had not yet begun and the towers were not reflected on Kirlian images.

         At 9:00 a.m. the three participants of the experiment mentally recreated the tower and at 9:15 a.m., invisible to the physical vision, but already existing in the Subtle World, it was imprinted on the photos taken by a Kirlian device that registers objects invisible to the human eye. On both sides of the tower dense streams of light in the form of columns appeared.  Image I and II - A. Trofimov's aura, image III - Sofiya's aura. Image IV - at the bottom at the edge of the picture under the tower is a fragment of Egor's aura with chaotic streamers. In this picture, a physicists' device reflects the power of invisible reality - the process and the materiality of our thoughts. In this picture, as well as in the space of the tower, many faces manifested, both existing and metamorphic. Most likely, these are the faces of the Heavenly Curators who participated in the experiment.

         On both sides of the tower in the background are two light columns. I offer two versions of their presence in the picture: the first - the tower itself, operating in the Subtle World, generates energy, which became the background for the tower and proof of its activity. The second version - the participants in the experiment deeply respect and love Nikola Tesla, a brilliant scientist, whom they are grateful to and honor him for his great contribution to the life of mankind. All our feelings are energies. They are consciously and unconsciously emitted by people, including and during the transfer of a certain thought form. Perhaps these total energy flows were recorded in the form of dense light and appeared in the picture next to the tower. It can also be assumed that in the snapshot both versions are interconnected.

         The third shooting session was planned at the end of the experiment at 9:30 a.m. but it did not come through because of the faulty film (factory film defect).  Meditation continued until 9:30 a.m. After meditation, I mentally thanked Nikola Tesla for my dream to visit the laboratory and in the space where the Genius worked, came true, I suddenly heard a voice inside me and realized that the Great Physicist had made contact.

         Participants of this experiment: Academician A. Trofimov, Sofia Blank, Egor Tsygankov were on site. Simultanously, at the same time in Brooklyn - 60-70 miles away (New York area), Professor of Physics Mark Krinker conducted a research using two scientific instruments, on the state of space at the laboratory where Tesla tower was previously located.

Кирлиан-фотографическая сессия в Лонг- Айленде в Нью-Йорке 26 июня 2017 г., 8-55 утра (Впечатления Исследователя-Наблюдателя)

С. Бланк.

Нью-Йорк, США

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