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Miloš Ćorlomanović

Discovery in the field of detection of complex signal from liquid water

Miloš Ćorlomanović

Institute for Biomedical Research and Bioingineering, Yantai, China

Dear, I want to inform the entire civil and scientific public about the very important and epochal scientific discovery, which is of great importance, both for the development and direction of future science, and for the well-being of all people.

On August 19, 2017, working on a clinical trial of a very important medicine for Chinese and world medicine in general at the Institute for Biomedical Research and Bioengineering in the city of Yantai on the east coast of China, quite accidentally, in a pause between two measuring points, I managed to I detect a complex signal from the liquid water. So far in history, no one has been able to detect a complex signal, information from liquid water. Research was carried out only with strictly determined physicochemical parameters and sizes of liquid water, or by indirect method, so that the water that was exposed to some information of the lily was suddenly under pressure, and then the thin ice films were subjected to scanning and analyzed crystallographically. Water is the most natural liquid crystal and a key ingredient for the emergence of life. Water is also the most natural liquid crystal, which has a molecular composition of crystalline type and a crystalline lattice of the ionic type having a tetrahedral basis. In addition to its well-known physicochemical properties, such as Ph factor, hardness and surface stress, water has a less known property, which is the property of constructing the cluster structure of its molecules. It is still much earlier, decades of research since the Cold War, the water quality has been determined to be able to remember the information. Water is absolutely responsive to any environmental impact, both of various substances, as well as of various types of radiation and fields. All of these effects leave a visible trace in water that reflects on the change in the shape of its cluster structure. As far as microscopic changes are concerned, it is impossible to detect them in such a form and the liquid aggregate state of the water, without any particular impact of the initiative being carried out on the water, which consequently makes an additional change in water. That is why it has always been approached by the indirect method of water retention and the observation of its crystal structure in the form of ice crystals, which is significantly different from the liquid crystal configurations, but again different at each other in the different treatment of water. Having the resources and capabilities of the Yantai Institute, in its own way, and the theory that the method and equipment should look like for an absolutely detectable process of collecting signals from liquid water, I have constructed the appropriate equipment that has allowed me to receive a complex signal in an unusual way from the liquid water, without initiating it in any way and thus changing the original information. The method behind this is the principle of a quantum photoelectricity, for which explanation Albert Einstein received the Nobel Prize in 1921. So this is not about sonar listening to water, which is impossible for such small amounts of water, nor about any method of scanning, which needs to be entered by some kind of radiation in water and thus change its structure. So it's a relatively simple method, which gives the necessary signal, which can be seen and heard along with certain filtering and amplification. It is interesting that the signal received is complex sinusoids frequencies and harmonics and it extends in the range of several tens of cherries to more kiloherca. The appearance of this signal is absolutely individual, both for the water itself, as distilled, ie dead water, and for each substance dissolved therein. In the distilled water itself, this is one sinusoid complexus, all of which are superposed at one frequency of the signal of about 50 hertz. By adding any substance to the water, or by introducing some signal or field on it and then subjecting it to detection, this signal changes and gets its own characteristic, individual for each substance or radiation. All of this opens up a wide range of opportunities in contemporary science and application in various fields, from biophysics, biomedicine, bioengineering, hydrology, information science, information technology, medicine, pharmacy, linguistics, mathematics, statistics, etc. This will simplify many of the detection processes in the future, thereby reducing the time and cost of collecting complex information, which has been obtained so far through various resonance and chromatographic scanning methods. However, what is best and most fascinating in all of this is one much more important discovery, and this is the particularity of the signal from the source, the natural, that is, the living water. This signal is much more intense and richer than harmonics than a signal from dead water. Its frequency range is from a few hundred cherubs to several kiloherca. This is the frequency range of human voice! And, most importantly, this signal is not periodic! So, no part of the signal is repeated. Which means that the system is not mechanistic, but conscious! Water means possesses consciousness!!! Working earlier on water studies, I noticed this only indirectly. But now I have evidence for that. So on the 19th of August this year, on the great Christian holiday and the great national feast of Transfiguration, the water turned to me! She spoke. This is incredible, and this is the most discerning discovery in contemporary science as such, perhaps the general acceptance of human history, since the time of the discovery of fire, because in an unambiguous way, without any human beliefs, it proves that by using the machine it can be heard and detected as consciously what has been so far called and called dead nature. This extends far more to us in many other areas, such as, cosmology, astrophysics, astrobiology, the quest for out-of-planetary life and intelligence, and the religion itself, which in this way rejoins with science. This is a direct confirmation of the Russian theory of the noosphere, that is, the theory that the Earth is aware of the old animist and shamanistic beliefs that everything around us is alive, that is, consciously.

This research will be continued in China in a laboratory that is provided for this purpose, and I reserve the technique and technology for myself and my partners as a strategic information of exceptional importance.

Открытие детекции комплексных сигналов жидкой воды.

М. Чорломанович

Институт биомедицинских исследований и биоинженерии Янтай, Китай

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